Florian Weichsberger
Florian Weichsberger
Depot Basel and Current Obsession, contemporary jewellery magazine, present a collaborative curatorial effort in the context of Depot Basel’s ongoing exhibition series ‘CRAFT &…’. For CRAFT & BLING BLING – FAKE they commissioned work by twelve jewellery makers reflecting on the subject of FAKE from standpoints of jewellery history, their own work mediums or contemporary art and society. Work by Manfred Nisslmüller, Suska Mackert, Johanna Dahm and Cloe Floirat accompany the exhibition. The exhibition becomes a feature in the #3 FAKE issue of the Current Obsession magazine accompanied by Thomas Albdorf‘s photographs.JEWELLERY MAKERS    Adam Grinovich, Barbara Schrobenhauser, Edgar Mosa, Florian Milker, Florian Weichsberger, He Jing, Julia Walter, Kevin Hughes, Mallory Weston, Philipp Eberle, Rainer Kaasik-Aaslav, Sophie Hanagarth
!!!    EXHIBITION    !!!        “BONZO GONZO!”
Alexander Blank, Kiko Gianocca, Melanie Isverding, Florian Weichsberger,
Georgenstraße 66, 80799 München
Opening 13. March 2014   17:00-21:00
14.3.    11:00-18:00
15.3     11:00-16:00
16.3.    11:00-18:00


pendants, 2013,

polyurethane rubber
foto by Mirei Takeuchi

Brooches, 2012-2013, 
mirror, steel
foto by Mirei Takeuchi

Necklace, 2009,
fake pearls, plastic, metal.
Foto by Mirei Takeuchi
pendant, 2012,
mirror, steel
foto By Mirei Takeuchi

pendants, 2013, 
foto by Mirei Takeuchi
„diamond and heart“,

pendant, 2013, 
steel, silverchain
foto by Mirei Takeuchi
Brooches, 2012, 
Brass, enamel, steel
foto by Mirei Takeuchi
Brooch, 2012
jet, staghorn
foto by Mirei Takeuchi
Constanze Schreiber - Florian Weichsberger
20./21. Oktober 15:00-21:00 Parkstr. 17 80339 München